Welcome to 50015.org, the internet site for preserved English Electric Class 50, 50015 'Valiant'. We aim to gather information and resources here including updates on ongoing maintenance, details of rostered workings and photographs from both past and present.

Although a regular and reliable performer, Valiant requires constant attention both mechanical and cosmetic. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer or wish to make a donation, please click here for more details.

50015 is owned by Bury Valiant Group and is a member of the heritage diesel fleet based at Bury on the East Lancashire Railway

Next Running
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th June
East Lancashire Railway
27th April 2015
The new ELR Diesel Roster has been released. 50015 has a running weekend on the 6th and 7th or June. Valiant will also run at the Summer Diesel Gala. See the ELR:DG Website for more

A few photos both new and old added to the Bury Valiant Group gallery

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